I completed the lesson, but it is not marked complete.

You must receive a minimum score of 80% on the lesson quiz or challenge.

Incomplete topic alert. I cannot proceed in the lesson.

Click on the “Progress” bar and make sure that each previous page has a check mark next to it. If one does not have a check mark return to that page to complete and receive a check mark.

I don’t know my class ID or student number. My class ID or student number doesn’t work.

Please contact your training administrator to confirm your class ID and student number.

I completed part or all of the course, but when I re-login there is no recorded progress.

Please confirm the student number you entered matches the student number you were assigned.

The first page of the challenge section in Lesson 5 does not load. (Street Smarts only).

Please disable your pop-up and ad blockers and retry the lesson challenge.

 When I click on the “Launch Lesson” link nothing happens.

The course is likely open in a hidden window. Minimize or close all open windows for all programs until the hidden window appears.

The course content will not load.

Please make sure you have the latest Flash Player version at http://www.adobe.com/software/flash/about/.

I did not receive my certificate.

A link to your certificate will appear on the “Launch Lesson” page once all lessons are completed with an 80% or higher.

The wrong name is shown when I log in or view my certificate.

Please email tech support at info@drivingsafetytraining.com with the Class ID and student number you used to login.